You have opened this Privacy Statement because you are using the services provided by Duo Media Networks OÜ (registry code 16077430, seat at Tartu mnt 80, 10112 Tallinn) (“Duo Media Networks / we / us”), i.e. various media, TV and radio entertainment services (including Kanal 2, Duo 6, Duo 5, Duo 4, Duo 3, Smartzone, Kidzone TV, Elmar, Kuku, MyHits, Duo, etc.), commenting, subscribing to newsletters, receiving notifications about services and discounts, participating in consumer games, campaigns and/or raffles (“Services”). We process your personal data when providing our Services. We may also process your personal data when you participate in a radio or TV show, are interviewed, are a guest, actor or part of the audience, or are in the background of a recording, or when you visit our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok).

This Privacy Statement gives you a brief overview of how your personal data are processed by Duo Media Networks. More information on the processing of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy of MM Group Media Companies (“MMG Privacy Policy”). The terms used in this Privacy Statement have the meaning defined in the Statement. If no meaning has been assigned to a term in the Statement, the term has the meaning set out in the MMG Privacy Policy. If you use our services and possible related additional services, Duo Media Networks generally processes your personal data as a controller. We care about the security of personal data and process personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. Make sure to read this Privacy Statement of Postimees and read the MMG Privacy Policy for more information.

What kind of information do we collect? The data you disclose to us, and the combined data (e.g. name, contact information, address, payment method information, data related to advertisements or data published in radio or TV programs, data disclosed in radio or TV games/raffles); data on the use of a Service (e.g. your activity on our Websites); technical data about your devices and Internet connection (including IP address verification); and data related to additional services (e.g. participation in campaigns).

On what basis and why do we process your data? We mainly process your data in order to allow you to access our Services, perform a contract signed with you, and improve and develop our Services. Additionally, we may process data for marketing purposes (based on your consent or, in certain cases, on the basis of a legitimate interest for similar services), as well as in the legitimate interest (or other legal basis) between us and related companies, and for compliance with legal obligations (for example, for accounting purposes).

How can we provide the best TV and radio service? In order to provide you with the best and most interesting content and other Services, we may use Cookies and other analytical solutions (read more in the chapter “Cookies and other web technologies” in the MMG Privacy Policy). Generally, analytics are anonymised. This does not mean profiling, which would have legal consequences for you, nor do we make important decisions based on it. We may use your data to develop our Service. In the cases provided for by law and in the case of our legitimate interest, we may archive radio and television content.

Who processes your personal data? With regard to the Service and the data related to our contractual relationships, we are the Controller. Also, for the provision of the Service to you and for our other legitimate activities, it may be necessary to share your personal data with various third parties, e.g. our IT partners, persons belonging to the same group as us, payment service providers, etc. (see the chapter on transfer in the MMG Privacy Policy). In the cases provided for by law and in the case of our legitimate interest, we may archive radio and television content.

How long do we keep the data? As a general rule, we keep your personal data for the duration of the contract plus 3 years (or longer if necessary to defend possible claims); Cookies are stored according to the time specified in the Cookie policy, analytical data are generally anonymised, but if any data are personalised, they are only used for the time necessary for the purpose. The retention period may also depend on our legitimate interest or legal obligations. We proceed from the principle that personal data may only be processed and stored for the period of time necessary arising from the purpose.

Do you have any questions about the processing of personal data?
More information on the processing of personal data is available in the MMG Privacy Policy. In addition, you can always contact our data protection officer by writing to isikuandmed@duomedia.tv. We will gladly help you. You can also contact the Data Protection Inspectorate with any complaints related to your personal data (https://www.aki.ee).